“Virginia” is a life-size figure created in Buenos Aires during the show “UNA VEZ AHí”. For a period of two weeks I collected trash from the streets and sculpted this piece inside the gallery. After the exhibition was finished, I secretly brought the piece to the building where my sister lives and took some photos … Continue reading Virginia

Psyche & Soma

PSYCHE & SOMA was a multidisciplinary exhibition that took place in Seattle on August 12th, 2017. These assemblage sculptures were designed by Jeremias Lentini for the purpose of the show. All the objects included in the portraits were found on the streets, in thrift stores and on homeless camps of Seattle. The meaning and history … Continue reading Psyche & Soma


The exhibit IMPULSO opened in Seattle on May 12th, 2016 The concept behind the series is  destruction as one fundamental stage in the creative process. All the sculptures passed trough a cycle of destruction/reconstruction. The fragmentation exposes raw material. This takes the viewer away from the illusion of reality, introducing ideas of fragility and impermanence. … Continue reading Impulso